BioCold Environmental

Client List

At BioCold Environmental, we feature a complete line of temperature and humidity controlled environmental rooms and chambers for science, technology and industry.

Selected Recent BioCold Projects

Alcon/CIBA Vision
400 sf 5°C cold storage chamber, redundant systems

50°F/50%RH seed storage chamber, 1,000 sf

Bayer CropScience
Walk-in seed storage chambers, 200 sf -1500 sf
Various sites

Becton Dickinson
25°C/60% RH stability chamber

BJC Institute of Health
Six controlled temperature rooms, +4°C/-20°C, total 1,500 sf

Boehringer Ingelheim
Multiple cold storage and freezer applications, 100 sf to 1,000 sf

-20°F freezers, redundant systems, 800 sf - 3,000 sf

-20C, 5C and 25C storage rooms ranging from 100 sf to 2000 sf

25°C – 40°C stability chambers, total 600 sf

Nineteen stability chambers, various ranges, total 1,700 sf

Emory University HSRB
Nine cold storage rooms

University of Iowa
25°C walk-in stability chamber, 100 sf

Iowa State University BioRenewables Research Center (2014)
Six cold storage and freezer rooms

Glaxo Smith Kline
30°C/65% RH stability room

Walk-in stability chambers, total 600 sf

JHP Pharmaceuticals
Walk-in stability chambers (5°C, 25°C, 30°C, 40°C), redundant systems, total 1,100 sf

Marine Corps University
Archival storage room, 900 sf
Quantico, VA

Walk-in & reach-in stability chambers, redundant systems, total 1,000 sf

Metro East Forensic Lab
Two walk-in evidence freezers, redundant systems, total 180 sf

University of Minnesota BioMedical Discovery District
Fifteen controlled temperature rooms, redundant systems, total 1,800 sf

University of Nebraska Medical Research Center
Eight walk-in cold storage and incubation rooms

University of Nebraska Medical Center Organ Transplant Facility
Two walk-in cold storage rooms

University of Northern Iowa Tallgrass Prairie Center
One 5°C cold storage chamber, 300 sf

North Dakota State University
Cold storage and plant growth rooms, total 1,100 sf

Walk-in and reach-in stability chambers, redundant systems, 450 sf

Multiple -20°C freezers and +5°C refrigerators, redundant systems, total 2,400 sf

Pioneer Seed
Two seed storage rooms, 50°F/50% RH, total 2,500 sf
Nine germination rooms, one seed storage room, total 1,600 sf

Sigma Aldrich
One -20°C Freezer, redundant systems, 5,000 sf

St. Louis University Doisy Research Center
Nineteen cold storage, freezer and incubation rooms

TEVA Pharmaceuticals
Four walk-in stability chambers, 20°C-30°C

Texas A&M National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing
One 5°C cold room, 700 sf

Washington University (Danforth Campus)
Multiple controlled temperature rooms, various ranges, total 1,100 sf

Washington University School of Medicine
Multiple controlled temperature rooms, various ranges, total 1,650 sf