BioCold Environmental

Custom Designs

At times, an off-the-shelf product simply doesn’t provide the dimensional flexibility and functionality needed for a client’s controlled environment application. Whether your needs are for 5 cubic feet or 50,000 cubic feet of storage or research space, BioCold’s team of engineers and project designers can put together a plan that will meet your needs.

With in-house engineers and programmers, BioCold offers custom programming and chamber design to meet your needs, while providing feedback and value engineering along the way.

Specialty applications include:

  • Indoor 400sf biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) plant growth room with programmable HID lighting, 4-40°C temperature range, and elevated humidity control.
  • ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean cold rooms
  • Multiple refrigerators with a shared control console and redundant refrigeration system
  • Wide range chambers operating from -30C to +60C.
  • Thermal cycling chambers with programmable ramp/soak times
  • Veterinary and agricultural facilities with through-door trolley systems.
  • Controlled temperature enclosures for high density carousel storage systems (Kardex Remstar).
  • Renovate/retrofit old coolers and freezers with new control and refrigeration systems
  • Concrete curing rooms
  • Secure storage rooms for crime lab perishable evidence retention
  • Fingerprinting fume room for military criminal investigations
  • Library and film archival storage
  • Crystallography cold room with vibration isolation
  • Laser optics laboratory with HEPA filtration, low turbulence, high precision temperature and humidity control

Please use the link below to contact us about your custom application, or email a request for proposal (RFP) or user requirement specification (URS) to today. We are also available by phone at (636) 349-0300 from 9am to 430pm, Monday-Friday Central Time (US).