BioCold Environmental

Stability Refrigerators

stability refrigeratorBioCold Environmental, producer of environmental rooms and chambers for over 25 years, offers a stability refrigerator designed for laboratory requirements from +4°C to +10°C.

We believe these chambers offer superior value, reliability and control due to our microprocessor-based controls and hot gas bypass refrigeration system which allow for confident straightline temperature control. BioCold chambers control temperatures within ±0.3°C or better.

Standard Features

Microprocessor-Based Controls Microprocessor-Based Controls

BioCold chambers come standard with a microprocessor-based temperature control with dual digital displays (actual value and set value). Features PID with Fuzzy Logic and Autotune to ensure straight-line temperature control.

Continuous Proportional Hot Gas Bypass Refrigeration Continuous Proportional Hot Gas Bypass Refrigeration

Using rapid cycle solenoid valves with a life of over 10,000,000 cycles, chambers achieve close temperature control without cycling the compressor on and off.

7' Power Cord 7' Power Cord

For 115/1/60hz connections on a 15-amp dedicated circuit.

Slotted Aluminum Shelving Racks Slotted Aluminum Shelving Racks

Each unit comes standard with four slotted aluminum shelves per door. Single door models have 4 shelves: two-door models have 8 shelves; three-door models come standard with 12 shelves. Additional shelving available upon request.

Other standard features include:

  • White Vinyl Coated Steel Exterior
  • High-Efficiency, Self-Closing Glass Door
  • White Anondized Aluminum Interior with Stainless Steel Floor


Additional Options
  • Honeywell 7-day, 10" circular chart recorder for charting temperature
  • Paperless data logging system
  • Interior GFI duplex or quadruplex outlets
  • Digitally-controlled cycling interior outlets (for lights and equipment)
  • 1-1/2" access ports
  • Additional shelving

Principles of Operation

Temperatures are maintained using a Hot Gas Bypass Refrigeration System controlled by a dual digital display (set point and actual temperature) microprocessor. This system eliminates the large air temperatures over/under-shoot present in competitor's systems that may simply turn the compressor off and on to control temperature. Our temperature sensor reads real time air temperature - not the temperature inside a heatsink (a bottle of glycol, for instance).