BioCold Environmental

Insect Rearing Rooms

insect rearing roomPotentially corrosive environments distinguish drosophila rooms and other insect rearing rooms from a standard incubator chamber. For drosophila rooms, BioCold uses only Electrofin immersion (not sprayed-on) e-coat with polyurethane topcoat, providing maximum protection against coil corrosion and refrigerant leaks.

BioCold Insect Rearing rooms also offer:

  • Hot gas bypass refrigeration systems offering adjustable temperature ranges from 15 to 30°C

  • Ultrasonic humidification for elevated humidity control

  • Programmable light timers for diurnal lighting applications

  • Sealed door sweeps, gaskets, and panel seams to prevent accidental insect release

  • 14" x 24" window allowing chamber viewing without entry