BioCold Environmental

Cold Rooms

cold room storageTight temperature tolerances set environmental cold rooms apart from food service refrigerators. Recent FDA regulations have made these requirements even more stringent in many cases. Why choose BioCold for your cold storage room requirements?

The BioCold Advantage

  • At BioCold, we use a three-pipe proportional hot gas bypass refrigeration system with microprocessor-based PID controls to maintain temperature control of +/- 0.3°C or better, with uniformity of +/- 0.5°C throughout the cold room.

  • Oversized refrigeration systems provide fast pulldown and reserve capacity.

  • Oversized evaporator fan coil eliminates the need for defrost cycles at +4°C operation in most cold rooms.

  • Simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-service control systems and wiring circuits. BioCold temperature controllers are "works in a drawer" and can be easily replaced without disconnecting a single wire. PLCs and printed circuit boards have their purpose, but only add unnecessary complexity to a standard cold room.

  • cold room monitoringGFCI circuit breakers mounted in the control console load center provide ground fault protection for all receptacles within the room.

  • Umbrella airflow air handling system eliminates the need for a drop grid ceiling, eliminating a common, difficult-to-clean, area of dust and mold spore collection.

  • 2" thick cam-locked floors, available with foamed-in-place diamond tread finish, offer 20" long ADA ramps and durable nonslip working floor surface supporting up to 600psf without reinforcement.

  • Absolutely no wood in cold room wall or floor panels. Wood absorbs water, swells, and rots over time, and should be avoided.

  • Optional Honeywell chart recorders, Dickson data loggers, and RS485 modbus communications to building automation or monitoring systems.

  • Optional latent dehumidification or dessicant dryers offer reduced humidity control down to 10% RH at +4°C.

  • As a cold room manufacturer for more than 30 years, BioCold has the flexibility and experience to provide solutions for virtually any custom cold room application.