BioCold Environmental

Warm Rooms

cold room storageBioCold doesn't just build cold rooms. Many of our rooms today are designed as incubators, or as wide-range rooms for operation at a variety of temperature and humidity conditions.

For rooms operating at ambient temperatures and above, BioCold uses a refrigeration reheat system, providing a small, constant refrigeration load to offset the heat generated within the room by fan motors and other system components. Resistive heaters are then pulsed to control room temperature within a few tenths of a degree, using microprocessor-based PID controls.

Many warm rooms also require elevated humidity. BioCold's ultrasonic vapor generator provides a finitely-controlled humidifier which can be autotuned for straightline temperature control. The water vapor is injected directly into the air handler, and dispersed uniformly throughout the room.

BioCold Warm Room Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-service control systems and wiring circuits. BioCold temperature controllers are "works in a drawer" and can be easily replaced without disconnecting a single wire. PLCs and printed circuit boards have their purpose, but only add unnecessary complexity to a standard cold room.

  • GFCI circuit breakers mounted in the control console load center provide ground fault protection for all receptacles within the room.

  • Umbrella airflow air handling system eliminates the need for a drop grid ceiling, eliminating a common, difficult-to-clean, area of dust and mold spore collection.

  • 2" thick cam-locked floors, available with foamed-in-place diamond tread finish, offer 20" long ADA ramps and durable nonslip working floor surface supporting up to 600psf without reinforcement.

  • Absolutely no wood in wall or floor panels. Particularly in incubator rooms, wood absorbs water, swells, and rots over time, and should be avoided.

  • Optional Honeywell chart recorders, Dickson data loggers, and RS485 modbus communications to building automation or monitoring systems