BioCold Environmental

Features and Options

BioCold environmental rooms and chambers offer a number of standard features and customer options which set our product apart from the competition. Using the latest in available technology, these features provide our customers with user-friendly, energy-efficient, and highly reliable environmental solutions. The information below highlights several of the most important features which make our chambers unique.


BioCold Controls BioLogic™ Touchscreen Interface


Touchscreen chamber controls represent the next generation in environmental chamber operation. BioCold has recently introduced its new BioLogic™ touchscreen user interface, standard on all stability test chambers. Paired with a multiloop PID process controller with logic functionality, the BioLogic™ HMI (human machine interface) offers a fully-validatable package for FDA-regulated applications, including data encryption, password protected access, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data a cquisition and storage. An 8" full-color display, Windows CE and full-featured communications package (USB/Ethernet/COM) permits 24/7 local and remote (including online) access to chamber data and operations

BioCold Controls Thermoelectric Cooling

Used exclusively on our stability test chambers, thermoelectric (Peltier) air-to-air heat exchangers provide a quiet, efficient solution for chambers operating at near-ambient conditions. Over their 20-plus year lifetime, thermoelectric heat exchangers save hundreds of dollars in utility and repair costs compared to traditional refrigeration systems. NOTE: Because of their limited cooling capacity of approximately 600 BTUH, thermoelectric heat exchangers may be used on solid door chambers at 20°C and above, or on glass door chambers at temperatures of 25°C and above.


BioCold Controls Dehumdification

Dessicant dehumidifiers offer a virtually maintenance-free solution for reduced humidity applications to 20% RH. Dehumidification can be added to most of our chamber models.


BioCold Controls Brushless DC Fan Motors

In 2008, California Energy Commission required brushless DC (electronically commutated) fan motors on all walk-in cooler and freezer equipment. In addition to complying with the California efficiency regulations on walk-in coolers and freezers, BioCold has shifted to use of electronically commutated motors on its stability chamber series as well, increasing energy efficiency well above the California requirements for reach-in chambers. BioCold's custom designed electronically commutated fan motors provide high-volume airflow for maximum chamber uniformity, while still maintaining 80% energy efficiency, a 50% increase over traditional shaded pole motors (and 30% better than PSC motors).  

BioCold Controls Ultrasonic Humidification

Standard on many models, BioCold uses an ultrasonic vapor generator to achieve chamber humidity levels up to 85% RH. Unlike steam boilers, ultrasonic humidification offers the ability to control humidity control without simultaneously adding heat to the chamber. Additionally, ultrasonic transducers can be pulsed on/off rapidly, providing extraordinarily close control.